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Our health system is broken and fragmented, at best.

Often healthcare providers do not have time or extensive training in nutrition, mindfulness, fitness or obesity prevention – all essential to address the complexities of chronic disease prevention and weight management (i.e. physical, emotional, nutrition, mindfulness, physical activity, and system issues).   Furthermore, reimbursement for these health risk reduction strategies is limited to certain settings (i.e. hospitals and clinics), limited to some interdisciplinary providers (regardless of training), limited to those who have a certain BMI (body mass index) AND ONLY if they already have one (or more) documented chronic health problems related to obesity.  Coverage for this illness-care is also not standard across health insurance providers.


How do we impact chronic overweight/obesity concerns and associated medical problems when many parts of the country are experiencing shortages of primary care providers with long wait times to get an appointment for acute sick care?

How does effective counseling occur when some primary care providers are purposefully double-booked for appointments to achieve daily patient volume targets resulting in ‘rapid fire’ office visits?

Shouldn’t the public be assured that the providers counseling patients have been trained in the complexities of chronic disease and obesity prevention?

Why do we need to restrict reimbursement to certain providers?

Why does counseling need to occur in a clinical setting only?

Why does current health care policy indirectly incentivize higher BMI by limiting coverage to selected BMI classifications – to a point where some people are purposefully gaining weight to qualify for treatment?

Can policy be made to change the illness care system into a true health care system where the goal is to PROTECT the health of communities to include physical and whole-person quality of life outcomes?

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